Equipment Loan Library

The equipment loan library provides the opportunity for schools to loan equipment from the Tech School and receive training to facilitate program delivery within their school. Use the form at the end of the page to submit a loan request.

Available Equipment


    Mini.Mu Music Glove1
    Hummingbird Connector Board11
    Minode Microbit IoT Starter Kits10
    MakeyMakey STEM Pack1
    MakeyMakey Starter Kits8
    Hummingbird Robotics Kit1
    Hummingbird Duo Classroom Kit3
    MonkMakes Electronic Starter Kits for Microbit11
    GoPro Black 74
    Intel Realsense Depth Camera1
    Intel Realsense Tracking Camera
    Projector on-the-go pack2
    Lightform 2 Projector2
    Lightform Stands1
    Lightform 1 Projector1
    Epoch Emotiv1
    VR Leap Motion1
    Einscan Pro 3D Scanner20
    Tello Drones23
    Drone Cages20
    Drone Controllers
    Grove kits sent out to schools (opened)1
    Pana hand12
    Dial Gauge10
    Mag Base10
    Electricity Kit10
    Inductance Apparatus1
    Tema Oscilloscope5
    Powertech Dual Power Supply10
    Artec Leo Scanner1
    Artec Spider Scanner1
    Raspberry Pi40
    Brother Sewing Machines8
    Ultimaker 2+ Printers6
    Tello EDU Drones30
    Robomaster Tello Drones12
    HTC Vive Pro2
    HTC Vive Focus5

    Equipment Loan Request