Building Design


Tectura Architects
Tectura Architects were appointed to design the Banyule Nillumbik Tech School. Positioned up on the hill looking out to the roundabout off Civic Drive in Greensborough, the firm have created an exciting architectural feature that has become quite a talking point in the community.

The exterior building has been designed to represent the bending of light passing through a triangular prism, to create an effect similar to a rainbow. You will see red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet wrapped around the building’s architecture creating an extremely unique style building. The pixilation design speaks to the influence of ‘digital’ in our lives and the intersecting lines highlight the importance of the intersections between disciplines and the transdisciplinary or polymath approach of the Tech School programs.

Artists impression – Western facade

Artists impression – Southern facade

The development of the built environment has been the result of extensive consultation and ongoing development.  After 12 months of extensive planning and development, this unique site will open mid-2018. The spectacular site, with city skyline views, is located less than 40 minutes north of Melbourne’s CBD, located on Melbourne Polytechnic’s Greensborough Campus off Civic Drive.

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The philosophy behind the design of our Tech School was to create a building that has a similar feel to a gallery, museum or library.  The successful sustainability of these public spaces is that they continually renew themselves, drawing people back time and time again, therefore remain a highly-valued resource within a community.

The Banyule Nillumbik Tech School has been designed as a resource for local students, teachers, industry the community, creating an exciting space that celebrates STEAM and technical skills, innovation and enterprise skills. The layout encourages easy flow and movement into spaces, supporting students through a design thinking process to dive deep into a range of issues, work in teams to define a problem statement, ideate to determine a possible solution, design and create a prototype and test with their colleagues to further refine and continue to iterate.

The Banyule Nillumbik Tech School building itself functions as a teacher, with ques and prompts to encourage curiosity into scientific principles and engineering. This can be seen through elements of the building which are revealed through glass panels to display the construction process and element function, which are normally hidden from view.  In addition, location sensitive design has utilised key aspects of the site, utilising the fall of the land to advantage, saving trees to create a central courtyard and repurposing existing facilities, to give the Tech School a unique and stimulating character.

Artists impression – Courtyard view

Key Interior Spaces Include:

The interior decoration and furniture selection consists of a pastel palette to purposely create a gender-neutral space that encourages and excites girls into STEAM learning.

Exhibition & Curation
Exhibition is the focal point of the Tech School. A carefully curated gallery space at the entrance showcases student prototypes and the process they work through to solve real problems. While an inspiration gallery showcases industry examples, together, creating an atmosphere of inspiration, learning and achievement. Twice a year, a major event is held to celebrate the accomplishments of the bright young minds in our Tech School.
Digital & Physical Creation
These spaces combine manufacturing and high-tech digital equipment for the purposes of enabling design, prototype and creation. The design enables students to move independently through spaces, promoting active investigation and inquiry creating authentic interdisciplinary solutions in Science, Technology Engineering, Art and Maths.
Industry Discovery 
This space provides an opportunity to showcase local industry and innovation in Melbourne’s North and beyond. The industry hub promotes active investigation, inquiry and authentic interdisciplinary learning. Please contact us if you are interested in working with us.
Collaboration, Ideation & Reflection
An open plan area with an adjoined wet lab, this space looks out to the city skyline creating an atmosphere that promotes ideation, reflection experimentation and design.
Presentation Space
The presentation space is inspired by it’s environment. The stair case is integrated into the slope of the land, surrounded by shards of glass windows that will give glimpses of the city skyline. This space is utilised for informal learning, information sessions, presentations, meetings, film viewings and guest lecturers. These spaces can be booked for hire. Contact us for more detail.
Meeting Spaces
The ability to connect locally and globally is embedded in the Tech School. A range of spaces are available for reflection and collaboration, including informal break-out spaces and specialised rooms equipped with industry leading technology for virtual conferencing and meetings. These spaces can be booked for hire. Contact us for more detail.
Green Screen Production
A production space will enable content creation for media production, virtual and augmented reality, and broadcasting.  This space considers the applications of technology in teaching and learning, research and engagement.