Remote Program
MakeCode Arcade

Program Overview

In this program, students take on the role of game designers to create an 8-bit arcade-style video game about a chosen topic. Learning about game mechanics and structure, students code their own game using a fun and easy-to-use coding platform. By breaking down a topic into various parts and communicating it to others through a game, students can gain a deeper understanding of their chosen subject.

Year Level

Year 8-12


0-30 minutes


Term 1 - 4


2 Days


50 students
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Industry Focus

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Game Development

Industry Partner

Never coded? No problem.

The coding platform – MakeCode Arcade – uses a system of tool drawers and drag and drop blocks so users can quickly and easily learn game design in a free browser-based environment which is colourful and welcoming.

What topics do we normally cover?

The program links strongly with the Year 7 curriculum but can easily be adapted to any year level or topic.

Success Criteria

  • Develop a game prototype using computer programming
  • Demonstrate a STEM principal through game design
  • Explain the process and experience for developing a game prototype

Program Schedule

Note: Schedule is approximate. On site activities at the Tech School may be affected if sufficient pre-work has not been completed