Program Overview

Masterclasses provide students with an in-depth experience in a particular area or discipline. They may be project-based or concentrated in a single day.

Year Level

Year 7 - 12




Term 1 - 4


1 - 2 Days


100 students
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Industry Focus

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Launching in 2023, we will be offering a variety of new masterclasses, including VCE Systems Engineering (years 11 & 12) and The Art of Scientific Inquiry (years 7-10).

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Technology Skill Ups Available
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Microcontrollers are widely used to power small form factor devices. This skill up will introduce students to microcontrollers and how to program them to suit their functional requirements.

Student Start Up Greensborough Sept2018-105

Computer Aided Design

3D Modelling using industry current software to design virtual prototypes prior to physical production using 3D Printers or Computer Numeric Control machines

Technology Light

Sensor Technology

From automatic doors to step counters, sensor technology is widely used across society. The sensor technology skill up will provide the skills required to create fixed or wearable sensor devices to meet the determined design requirements.

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Mobile App Development

Introduction to mobile app design fundamentals including planning for an app, creating layouts, considering the user experience and prototyping functionality