Professional Development

Microbit for Beginners

Who: Beginners
Where: Online
When: New dates coming soon!

Micro:bit is a pocket-sized computer containing a micro-controller and the ability to connect to a range of peripheral components such as lights, speakers, servos (motors). It is a powerful learning tool for coding, electronics and robotics, transforming digital skills learning. It is ideal for introducing students to computer programming and can be easily applied to a wide variety of small projects.

This PD is designed for the complete beginner and we will be using an online simulator and block coding. Learn how the fundamentals of computer programming can be combined with micro-controllers, to create interactive electronic and electro-mechanical applications.

The session will cover the following:

  • Introduction to Micro:bit features and software interface
  • Warm up – LED matrix, buttons, symbols
  • Sensors – Light, Temperature, Accelerometer
  • Servos (motors)
  • Radio (if time permits)

What you will need:

Micro:bit utilises free browser-based software so you won’t need to download anything prior to the session. Second monitor will be useful but not necessary.

Two Micro:bit SBC's on a green background