Mobile App Design

Who: Beginners
Where: Online via zoom webinar
When: New delivery dates coming soon!

Go from consumer to creator in our Introduction to Mobile App Design Online Skill-Up session.

The session will introduce you to MIT App Inventor, a free online Android development environment. Along with an introduction to the basics of user experience (UX) planning.

With easy-to-use, block-based programming and visual interface building tools, MIT App Inventor provides an easy and engaging way for students to engage with app design. Without needing the in-depth knowledge usually required for conventional app programming and deployment for testing.

The session will cover the following:

  • Introduction to MIT App Inventor
  • Sketching a wireframe layout
  • Creating the app interface and naming elements
  • Using code to make elements interactive
  • Moving between application screens and transferring content

What you will need:
A good internet connection, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge web browser (Internet Explorer is not supported), pen and paper or digital whiteboard for sketching.

A Google account is optional but recommended to store your app over using the anonymous user system.

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