Design Challenge

Staying Steady
Prevention and management of falls in societies vulnerable

Program Overview

Each year, a third of people over 65 experience a fall. This can have physical, emotional and economic consequences. Falls can lead not only to injury and loss of independence, but also put strain on the health care system.


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Year Level

Year 7-12


2 Days Consecutive


2-3 Hours

Industry Focus

Health and Social Assistance


75 Students

Globally, one third of the over 65 population experiences a fall each year. The impact of falls can be physical and emotional as well as have economic consequences. For instance, they can lead to injury, loss of independence and put a huge strain on the health care system. In Australia, the population is rapidly ageing and so, maintaining independence into later years is of great importance.

This health tech design challenge asks students to design an innovative product that can be worn to help prevent or manage fall-related injuries in our elderly population.

Through research, students identify the root issues associated with falls for the individual, family and broader community, and then design a wearable solution that incorporates technology to safeguard those most precious to us, our elders.

Students will prototype different aspects of their product using a range of emerging technologies, including microcontrollers, coding, 3D modelling and wearable electronics.

Success Criteria
  • Explain the physical, emotional and economic impacts of falls in the ageing population
  • Collaborate effectively to create solutions to identified problems 
  • Consider a range of tools, technologies and specialist equipment 
  • Critical & Creative Thinking
  • Personal
  • Social
  • Ethical
  • Design Technologies
Skills Focus
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Problem Solving
  • Innovation


Technology Skill Up Sessions Available
Technology Light

Sensor Technology

From automatic doors to step counters, sensor technology is widely used across society. The sensor technology skill up will provide the skills required to create fixed or wearable sensor devices to meet the determined design requirements.

Student Start Up Greensborough Sept2018-105

Computer Aided Design

3D Modelling using industry current software to design virtual prototypes prior to physical production using 3D Printers or Computer Numeric Control machines

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Mobile App Development

Introduction to mobile app design fundamentals including planning for an app, creating layouts, considering the user experience and prototyping functionality