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Last Update: 21/10/2020

The Banyule Nillumbik Tech School will continue to support students from our 20 partner schools with remote learning during Term 4. We are eagerly awaiting health advice for a return to face to face delivery, and will provide an update to schools on what delivery onsite involves at that point.

We’ve been communicating with schools eager to book students into virtual programs, providing something different to look forward to and break up the school week. Limited places are still available during Term 4 and a list of programs can be found below.

Adobe Illustrator – Projection Art Design

Duration: 90 minutes

This exciting new program connects students to the enlightening industry of projection art. In this program, students will participate in a 90 minute skill up session to create artworks in Adobe Illustrator and After Effects. Tech School projection experts will provide an introduction to how projectors use lenses, prisms and mirrors to create visual art with light. Students will gain a practical understanding on how light can be reflected, diffracted, diffused and transformed onto different surfaces to create a visual experience.

The best designs will be selected to feature in our end of year exhibition event.

Students will require Illustrator and After Effects on their device to participate in this program.


Adobe Illustrator – Digital Product Design

Duration: 90 minutes

Lead by our Tech School graphic design experts, schools can now book into this modular designed program. Schools can book into 1, 2 or all 6 virtual skill sessions including: Basic drawings, Tracing, Perspective, Typography, Gradient or Collage. Students will learn the fundamental tools and functions of digital product design and how it can be used to create graphics for a range of artistic and technical applications.

Session structures include live demonstrations of tools and techniques, followed by design time, with our team on hand to provide support and guidance where needed. Each session will conclude with a group discussion and opportunity to share.

Student will require Illustrator on their device to participate in this program.

communbity makerspace

Make Code Arcade – Game Design

Duration: 90 minutes

In this session, students will develop programming skills to create quick and easy retro arcade games. Using free online software JavaScript based Block Code editor called Make Code Arcade, students will work through a tutorial to learn the basics and will create a love for coding through game design.

For students already advance in coding, a breakout room will be set up to stretch these students with a challenge!

communbity makerspace

Micro:bit Basics – Coding

Duration: 90 minutes

The micro:bit is a pocket sized computer that makes coding tangible and promotes digital creativity. It is jam packed with motion detection, a built-in compass, LED display and Bluetooth. In this session, students will learn how the fundamentals of computer programming can be combined with micro-controllers to create highly interactive electronic and electro-mechanical prototypes.

This session is delivered via simulator. Alternatively, a contact free micro:bit kit may be posted out to students with a return envelope, upon request.

communbity makerspace

Micro:bit Grove Inventor – Coding

Duration: 90 Minutes

Sometimes the built in features of Micro:bit just aren’t enough – the Grove Inventor Extension Kit comes packed with four additional inputs (gesture, ultrasonic and light sensors as well as a potentiometer) and four additional output methods (speaker, 4 digit display, LED light strip and single LED module) plus an extension board to dock the Micro:bit and open up additional pins for all these new gadgets!

Building on foundation knowledge from Micro:bit Coding students will learn how to interact with multiple inputs and outputs to create more complex interactive devices.

To participate in this program a contact free Grove Inventor kit will be posted out to students with a return envelope.

Grove Inventor

MIT App Inventor – Mobile App Design

Duration: 90 Minutes

Go from consumer to creator in the Introduction to Mobile App Design skill up, with easy to use block-based programming and visual interface building tools that do away with the hard parts of conventional app programming and deployment for testing. In this program students are introduced to the free MIT App Inventor website, how to link android smartphones for live testing, and create a basic app.


App Inventor

TinkerCAD – 3D Modelling

Duration: 90 Minutes

TinkerCAD is a free, online software of tools that enable complete beginners to create 3D models. It’s a base on geometry, allow for creation of complex designs in a fun way that promotes a love for STEM and it’s easy to use! In this session, students will learn the fundamentals of 3D modelling and how to prepare a project for potential 3D printing or other forms of manufacturing.

Teachers may select one student design for potential printing at the Tech School, to be posted to students.



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