MakeCode Arcade (Free)

Looking for a fun, new and engaging program?

Try our popular MakeCode Arcade coding program to engage students in any topic using game design and play.

What is it?

In this program, students take on the role of game designers to create an 8-bit arcade-style video game about a chosen topic. Learning about game mechanics and structure, students code  their own game using a fun and easy-to-use coding platform. By breaking down a topic into various parts and communicating it to others through a game, students can gain a deeper understanding of their chosen subject.

Year Level

Years 7 – 12




2-3 hours
5+ hours


25 per session

More Information:

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The MakeCode Arcade Online Program engages students through game design. Students will be using design thinking to create a computer game, and block coding to bring the game to life.  

Course options

We offer two versions of the program with plenty of flexibility to tailor to your needs e.g. time, topic, year level.

Never coded? No problem.

The coding platform – MakeCode Arcade – uses a system of tool drawers and drag and drop blocks so users can quickly and easily learn game design in a free browser-based environment which is colourful and welcoming.

What topics do we normally cover?

The program links strongly with the Year 7 curriculum but can easily be adapted to any year level or topic.
There are two version of the program on offer (with plenty of flexibility to tailor the program to your needs): 

Short Version (2-3 hours)Design a fun game of your own choice 

  • As part of the program, students will explore game mechanics, storyboard their ideas and code one level of a game. 

Long Version (5 + hours)  Design a game that educates about a STEM topic 

  • As part of the program, students will conduct research, understand game mechanics, come up with ideas, create a storyboard, code, test and iterate their game, then showcase their game in front of their peers during a pitch session. 

Who will facilitate the program?

The program can be facilitated by Tech School staff in full, partially, or can be delivered by a classroom teacher. We can provide professional learning for teachers who wish to deliver the program (or parts of it) themselves, or we can co-facilitate the program with them.

The program is fully supported by curriculum resources.  

Delivery Options


Note: Schedule is approximate. On site activities at the Tech School may be affected if sufficient pre-work has not been completed