31 October 2022
Diamond Valley Special Development School Program

During Term 3 I had the pleasure of meeting the graduating class of Diamond Valley Special Development School and engaging them in a 4 week program at the Tech School. The students spent a whole day each week at the Tech School enjoying activities such as drone-flying, custom jigsaw puzzle design and creation, 3D-printed magnets, personalised photo stickers, podcasting and micro:bit coding. These activities introduced them to the technology available at the Tech School and were a real hit with the students. We are looking forward to working further with Diamond Valley Special Development School in Term 4 and can’t wait to see the wonderful things the class will continue to create at the Tech School.

STEM Communication Officer

Fridge magnets created by Diamond Valley Special Development School students

I liked the camera to see where we were going on the drones


We absolutely loved how accommodating the Melbourne Polytechnic staff were for our students with additional needs. It was very handy to have a flexible timetable and plenty of time to navigate between activities. The computers were easy to use for all ability levels and the finals products looked great. I especially liked the puzzles.



I enjoyed the podcast and the cool equipment