Future Tech Tasters

AI Prompt Engineering

Students learn how to use generative AI tools to develop audio and visual assets for a video topic of their choosing.

Drone Flight Control

Students learn about drone applications, flight safety, how to fly a drone and how to program a flight path.

Game Design

Students create an arcade-style game through MakeCode using block programming.

App Design

Students learn the basics of how to design an app and how to publish to a phone.

2D Animation

Students learn how to use 2D Animation software to create a digital character of their choosing.

3D Computer Aided Design

Students learn how to use 3D Modelling tools to create a digital design of a product.

E-Textiles / Wearable Tech

Students learn to create basic garments that integrate sewing with programming microcontrollers and electronic circuits.

Coding With Microcontrollers

Students learn how to use microcontrollers and block coding with a range of external components and sensors to build simple electronic systems.

Advanced Coding (Python)

Using a Raspberry Pi minicomputer and the power of Python programming, students will learn the basics of external device control.

Automation and Robotics

Students learn to program Do-Bot robot arms to simulate autonomous surgery, whilst developing skills in procedure-based algorithm design and spatial perception for robot navigation.


Soft Robotics (Hydraulics)

Students learn the principles of hydraulics and how they can be applied to future robotic development.