Masterclass Partner
Our masterclasses give students, teachers and our community members an in-depth learning experience in a particular area or discipline.


In partnership with Science Gallery Melbourne

For these recurring masterclasses, we partnered with Science Gallery Melbourne to deliver hands-on workshops in science communication. Their practicing science communicator staff provide expert knowledge and develop our students’ communication skills whilst gathering the insights of young people into how they would visually and verbally communicate current or upcoming Science Gallery Melbourne exhibits.


In partnership with La Trobe University & IEEE Women in Engineering

As part of this masterclass, students had the opportunity to work with engineering and technology students from La Trobe University. Our students were shown how to develop wearable technology using conductive thread and then designed their own e-garments, which were displayed at the Tech4Future Global Wearable Tech Fashion Show in October 2019.

Tech Fest

In partnership with Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio & ACMI 

In partnership with Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio and ACMI, we created a masterclass where students learnt specific skills from practicing artists as well as the scientific, artistic and technological processes involved in their artforms, such as electronic music production, animation and projection, and then developed their own creative works which were showcased at the opening of the Tech Schools.

These skills can be used in a creative way… and give you the knowledge and resources to get ahead. 

Secondary Student, Greensborough Secondary College


In partnership with Microsoft 

For this masterclass, we partnered with Microsoft to create a one-day ChatBot-A-Thon. This provided an opportunity for students from a number of schools to come together to gain hands-on experience with AI technology and developed student understanding of how it is being used for business functions, such as customer support and logistics.

Masterclass Professional Development for Teachers

Professional Development for Bundoora Secondary College Teachers

Teachers from Bundoora Secondary College participated a series of three design thinking and innovation professional development sessions. Over the three sessions, teachers participated in a range of activities including, discussing Solo Taxonomy and the innovation process, experiencing some of the activity’s teachers can use to create a problem-solving mindset with students, and on the final session teachers engaged in masterclasses in programming Arduino Micro-controllers, and 3D modelling using Autodesk Fusion 360 software.

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