Future Inquiries

Our future themed inquires can be co-designed to be delivered entirely in your school or co-delivered at the Tech school as required.

Each inquiry can be designed as a short, intensive design sprint over several days or as an embedded project in your school throughout a term or semester.

Contact us to explore how these inquiry themes can connect to your subjects,  learning areas and school.

Each design based inquiry will connect to the following areas where possible.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Graphic
Circular Economy Graphic
An image of a futuristic city with solar and green tech focus


A design inquiry on creating future worlds, cities, and environments aligns perfectly with the Victorian Curriculum by encompassing multiple subjects and essential capabilities.

It encourages interdisciplinary learning, critical thinking, and problem-solving, while also addressing cross-curricular priorities like cultural understanding, sustainability, and digital literacy. Students explore ethical considerations, environmental responsibility, and global perspectives, all while developing research, communication, and teamwork skills. 

This student-centered inquiry engages learners in creative and innovative thinking, making it a rich educational experience that integrates diverse aspects of the curriculum to prepare students for a complex and interconnected world. 

Image of a futuristic car with a drone hovering above


A design inquiry focusing on future mobility and electric vehicles is a perfect fit for the Victorian Curriculum, seamlessly bridging subjects and fostering crucial capabilities.

It encourages students to think critically and solve complex problems while addressing sustainability, ethics, and global perspectives as cross-curricular priorities. By exploring cutting-edge electric vehicle technology, digital literacy is enhanced, and students hone their communication skills as they present innovative solutions.

Furthermore, this inquiry nurtures research and data analysis abilities, emphasizes teamwork and collaboration, and sparks creativity and innovation. Overall, it provides a practical, engaging context for learning that prepares students for a multifaceted, technology-driven world.

Image of a vibrant person recording a podcast


A design inquiry centered on future media and audio-visual content creation is an ideal way to connect students to diverse facets of the Victorian Curriculum.

It promotes interdisciplinary learning by combining media studies, arts, and technology, fostering critical thinking and creativity. Through digital literacy, students engage with cutting-edge technology while refining communication skills in scriptwriting and visual storytelling. Ethical considerations and cultural awareness are addressed, aligning with cross-curricular priorities.

Global perspectives are encouraged as students explore media’s worldwide impact, and research skills are honed in analyzing media trends. Collaboration, innovation, and adaptability are also emphasized, preparing students for an ever-evolving media landscape.

Image of a medical device on the right shoulder of a person facing right


A design inquiry focused on future health, encompassing a variety of aspects, offers an ideal pathway to connect students with many dimensions of the Victorian Curriculum.

It fosters interdisciplinary learning by integrating science, psychology, ethics, and technology. Through critical thinking and problem-solving, students address complex health challenges, cultivating essential capabilities. Ethical and cultural awareness is heightened as students explore diverse perspectives on health, aligning with curriculum priorities. Digital literacy, communication skills, research proficiency, and sustainability are integrated.

Global perspectives, empathy, and teamwork are encouraged, preparing students for a well-rounded understanding of future health in an inclusive, technology-driven world.

Image of a person wearing a futuristic headset


Future Products offers an ideal design inquiry to connect students to diverse facets of the Victorian Curriculum.

It fosters interdisciplinary learning by integrating knowledge from design, engineering, technology, and culture. Through critical thinking and creative problem-solving, students engage with cutting-edge technologies and develop digital literacy skills. Communication skills are honed through presentations and design prototypes. Ethical considerations, cultural awareness, and sustainability are integrated into discussions.

Global perspectives and teamwork are encouraged, preparing students for a future where innovation, creativity, and technological prowess are essential in the ever-evolving worlds of product design, fashion, and robotics technology.