Learning Experiences

All of our student-centered learning experiences can be co-designed with you to ensure they meet the needs of your students, teachers and school.

Future Inquires: Student-centered inquires that can be codelivered over a few days or a whole term or semester.

Future Tech Tasters: Short and engaging tech based activities that can be experienced in one day or embedded in our Future Inquiries.

Future Entrepreneurs: Introduction to entrepreneurship, strategies and tools used by startups communities all over the world.

Future Skill DevelopmentAll of our learning experiences can be tailored to meet the needs of students from mainstream and specialist schools.

Virtual and Remote: Engaging learning experiences for schools beyond our local partnership network (Contact us for more information)

VCE Support: Regular student and teacher support for a range of Technologies based VCE subjects (Contact us for more information)

Pre-VDSS (Yr 10 Elective): Future of Manufacturing Pathway Program offered by the secondary school as an Elective, run in partnership by the Tech School and Melbourne Polytechnic (Contact us for more information)

VET Taster Day – An immersion program to ‘taste’ a number of VET courses in one day plus participate in a Future Tech Challenge, run in partnership by the Tech School and Melbourne Polytechnic

Contact us to discuss how we can best help you to create powerful learning experiences that occur in both your school and the Tech School.