28 October 2022
Drones and Spatial Data Science Masterclass
carien brown

Over the school holidays, three Tech School staff – Jen, Sonia and Scott, undertook intensive training to become registered drone pilots and successfully acquired a Remote Pilot Licence with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority. Over 6 days, we learned about aerodynamics, rules for flying remote piloted aircraft, how to read aeronautical weather forecasts and airspace, what types of components and electronics are commonly used in multirotor systems, and more. We also took part in a brain-racking practical drone flying component and an exam to demonstrate our competency in a range of air manoeuvres and mission planning.

We are pleased to announce that we are currently developing an exciting new Drone and Spatial Data Science Masterclass program, in collaboration with our industry partner Repurpose It, that is due to launch in 2023. During this program you will gain some basic drone flying and spatial data analysis skills through real-world problem solving.

We look forward to sharing with you our new-found knowledge and skills, and have some great ideas about how we could expand our Drone and Spatial Data Science program in 2023, including building drones from scratch and programming and flying a mission.

Let us know what You would like to see as part of our drone and spatial data science program!

Sonia Hankova
STEM Educator