11 September 2020
Eye on Entrepreneurship
carien brown

To celebrate the launch of our new Introduction to Entrepreneurship program in partnership with Melbourne Innovation Centre, we’re showcasing successful Victorian entrepreneur Kendra Harding.

Kendra created her high-end handbag and accessories brand, Ooroo Australia, in order to showcase unique Australian fashion and celebrate the incredible work of Australia’s indigenous textile artists.

Close working relationships with the brilliant artists and art centres from the NT and WA and a master leather craftsman who previously worked for Burberry, have been central to her success in growing her business.

Through the COVID 19 pandemic, Kendra has pivoted her business to produce face masks from excess fabric and in doing so, reduced waste and broadened her target market.

A Regional Pitchfest finalist and successful start-up entrepreneur, Kendra will be offering insights from her experience as part of our new online program.

The Introduction to Entrepreneurship Victoria Challenge and Enrichment Series is a free extension program for students in years 8-12 from Victorian Government Schools.
Term 3 Intensive: 14 September 9:30-1:00 pm & 16 September 9:30-3:00 pm
Term 3 Holiday Program: 28 September 9:30-1:00; 29 September 9:30-1:00 & 30 September 9:30-11:00

Get in touch: contact@studentstartup.org.au

Photo of face mask by Bebe Tangatalum

Face mask featuring Sandpiper by Aboriginal artist Bebe Tangatalum, Tiwi Designs