11 September 2020
STEAM Around Us: Darkfield Radio

You might have heard of Darkfield in Melbourne or you might have seen their mysterious metal boxes. The shows are set in shipping containers and are a multi-sensory audio experience in complete darkness. Seance and Flight have been taking place in the CBD over the past few years. Darkfield is composed of a creative team, producers and partners. The group first showcased their project to the UK public and are now offering their eclectic productions in USA, Mexico and Australia. Their collaboration with innovative contributors ensures every experience is immersive and nothing like anything you would have experienced before!

‘”The DARKFIELD experiences take place inside purpose-built shipping containers and use Binaural audio, sensory deprivation and special effects to place the audience at the center of a narrative completely at odds with the space it occupies.​ Immersed in the dark, the total loss of vision causes other senses to heighten, fixating on to every movement and sound.”

Recently, Darkfield innovated again and adapted their offerings to suit their audience now stuck at home. Darkfield Radio is an immersive audio experience experience at home! The show is even making history by being the first audio-only experience to be selected at the Venice International Film Festival 2020. To learn more about the concept, check out this Q&A with Glen Neath, Co-founder of Darkfeild. To learn more about Darkfield Radio and how you can live the experience, check out the link below.