27 November 2020
STEAM Around Us: Smart Bird Feeder

Hans Forsberg is passionate about electronics, robotics and artificial intelligence in which he works as a professional. In in spare time, he trained birds (magpies) to exchange discarded items we find in nature with food. He developed a high-tech bird feeder using a Raspberry Pi, a camera and other sensors. Birds are trained to drop a bottle cap in a specific part of the feeder, a sensor caps the movement and a food pellet is release in another part of the feeder for the bird to enjoy.

Hans Forsberg says that: “In my professional role I work with a team of Artificial Intelligence experts, With the birds, I explore natural intelligence…”

If you’re interested in experimenting in your backyard, Hans has shared every step of the bird box’s construction on his Youtube channel. You can also read a full article on his experimentations below.