5 October 2020
STEAM Around Us: Virtual Reality Harvester

Did you know…
Melbourne Polytechnic collaborated with Costa, Australia’s largest horticultural company and a major supplier of produce to food retailers in the country, to develop a virtual reality training tool for its horticulture student and future workforce.

“Costa and Melbourne Polytechnic are leading the way in the development of workplace training technology to provide an enhanced training experience for more Victorians.”

Melbourne Polytechnic collaborated with the Costa Group for the last 3 years to develop a virtual training tool to teach fundamentals of mushroom picking, as well as improve productivity. Allegedly, this is an innovative premiere in the world of horticulture. The Virtual Reality Harvester (VRH) enhances students’ knowledge on the correct size of mushroom to harvest, the best cutting technique, the sorting of different types and sizes of mushrooms into packing boxes, disease identification and hygiene control. Reducing staff turnover, improving productivity and reducing wastage. Bringing sustainable economic development through innovation. What a great way to collaboratively build our future!

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