30 November 2020
Trial and Error

One of the key pillars of an agile development process is to “fail fast” to find the perfect product. Software developers have been using the agile process to learn which features to focus on or drop from their applications to ensure their time (and money) is best spent on the features that offer the best opportunities for success. This aligns nicely with modern entrepreneurial practices and is employed to great effect in the business world.

SpaceX are due to perform the first 15km test in the coming days of the “SN8” prototype Starship rocket, which they hope will one day carry humans to Mars. The test should provide the team with valuable data relating to the aerodynamics of the design and the difficulties surrounding their landing process. This test comes just two months after successfully hopping 150 metres with their “SN6” prototype and a few months after testing a previous prototype to destruction to check the fuel tank pressure capacity.

Being agile allows a company to change and adapt to situations and circumstances. Maybe the 15km hop will work, or maybe it won’t, but they’ll get it right eventually.

And won’t that be a sight.

STEM Communication Officer

SpaceX Falcon 9 Launch Photo by SpaceX

Photo by SpaceX on Unsplash