5 October 2020
Kulin Nation Tadpole Season
What does STEM, curfew cessation, physical distancing, Poornet Season of the Kulin nation have in common?  

A Frogging fantastic opportunity!

September & October is Poornet (Tadpole) season in the Kulin Nation –  temperatures are rising, rains continue, days & nights are of equal length, and tadpoles are emerging. It’s the perfect time to pull on some sturdy boots, download an App such as Frog ID (Aust. Museum) and Frog census (Melb. Water) apps. These are great resources for exploring your area, providing species and habitat descriptions, breeding biology, frog calls, ability to record calls (which can be uploaded to help with identification) and tips on how to pinpoint a frog’s location using the triangulation method.

Earlier this week I went frogging, by looking slightly to the side of objects I was able to get the Rods (photoreceptors in your eyes) to see in the dimly lit surrounds. A diverse number frogs could be heard, but upon approach, SILENCE! I opened the Frog ID app, played the call of Crinia signifera (Common Eastern Froglet) a few moments later, a brave frog began his call and then it was on…I was surrounded by an army of frogs and their calls.

October is a great time to know more about local frogs. Get in some practice and join in Australia’s biggest frog hunt or National Frog ID week 6- 15 November.

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