At Banyule Nillumbik Tech School we have a range of microcontrollers available for students to create prototypes with.

Ardunio Uno

Arduino Uno is our largest microcontroller and uses the Arduino IDE to program the controller. While this does not have any inbuilt sensors it does have 14 digital pins and 6 analog pins which students can connect things to and this large number gives students endless possibilities when creating their prototypes. We do also have the Grove Arduino Sensor kit which gives students access to sensors such as light, sound, temperature, humidity and air pressure.


Micro:bit is a block coding microcontroller that has a range of inbuilt sensors such as temperature, light and accelerometer as well as having 3 different pins to connect external sensors to. We can also expand functionality of this microcontroller with the Grove Inventor Kit which includes a distance sensor, speaker, potentiometer as well as some external LEDs.

Circuit Playground Express

Circuit Playground Express is similar to micro:bit as it also uses block coding and has the same inbuild sensors but also includes a sounds sensor. However, as it has 8 pins all the way around the outside of the microcontroller it can be stitched down to fabric and we use it as part of our wearable technology program.

Get in touch with us if you want a skill taster on any of these microcontrollers with your students or your teachers!