13 September 2019
Maker Faire Student Ambassadors
Earlier this month, student ambassadors from our partner schools attended an incubator day, where they planned and prepared for the 2019 Maker Faire. This year’s event will be held at the Tech School on the 3rd of December. Run by secondary students, the Maker Faire is a day where primary school students come and engage with tech such as robotics, 3D printing, drones and laser cutting. By incorporating feedback from last year’s event, student ambassadors came up with some innovative ways to ensure that the 2019 Maker Faire is the best yet. Student ambassadors applied the skills obtained from skill up sessions on:

“Adobe InDesign” – to design invitations, name tags, event signage and merchandise
“Garment Printing” – to produce T-shirts for ambassadors
“Adobe Illustrator” – to create and produced laser cut and engrave badges and key rings for students
“Hydro dipping”- experimented with marbling ink to add color to laser ply
“Computer Assisted Design” – to produce 3D printed gifts for primary students

Ambassadors also assigned themselves to roles that they will perform on the day of the event, including meet and greet, registration, chaperones, MC, survey and film crew.