10 May 2018
Projection Animations with ACMI
We are looking to create a bit of “White Night” in Greensborough through the Tech School.  The building itself has some great surfaces for a projection canvas and we are looking to light it up for the opening.  In collaboration with our partners ACMI, this event took students from Greensborough College and St Helena College into Studio 2 of ACMI to have a hands on workshop creating animations to be projected at the opening event.

The students came to the session with a range of photographs on a USB. These included iconic images from their local area and things that are special to the student. Alongside this, the students created stop motion animations and animations using people.  Reflections from the students involved highlighted the value of being able to work with industry professionals who could guide them through the process and present new ideas.
All this media was edited and combined together to build a bright and playful projection that will look spectacular projected on the Tech School building itself.