13 March 2020
Specialty Fibre Program
Our new Specialty Fibre Program launches in Term 3. This program has been developed in partnership with Deakin University’s Institute for Frontier Materials (IFM), where students take on roles as material designers to develop protective motor bike gear for riders in urban settings. Students will consider aspects such as safety, comfort and durability of materials and the circular economy. This program also features a number of community and industry partners including MotoFemmes, an industry revolutionising motor bike gear for women and TAC. This program brings together engineering, materials science, physics and mathematics to develop new materials and engineering solutions. Year 8 & 9 Students from Macleod College attended a Master Class at IFM on 3 March, to undertake a series of abrasion tests on materials to inform the design of protective garments for Summer, Winter and High Protection scenarios. The data collected by these students will inform part of the scientific testing students will undertake while at the Tech School during this specialist program.