19 June 2020
STEAM Around Us: Airbag for Cyclists
In Term 3, our new specialty fibre program will be leading students to create and design an item of protective motorcycle gear suitable for riders in urban environments.

On a similar topic, in Sweden, two students developed the concept of an airbag for cyclist that everyone would want to wear. Through innovation, and with their industrial design background and vision, Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin were able to conceptualise an invisible helmet that would be stylish and safe. Years later, the Hövding is rated the safest helmet in the world with 8x better protection than traditional bicycle helmets.

A great idea that was born from the empathy and insight of urban riders after a law in Sweden required people under 15 years old to wear an helmet. It led the two entrepreneurs to “one pivotal question — regardless of whether helmets are required by law, would it be possible to design a bicycle helmet that everyone would want to wear?” Ultimately aiming to change people’s idea or preconception on protective gear as well as creating a safer alternative.