This year, we explored STEAM concepts via a range of theme based activities – from game development, marble run engineering, to digital design and animation, video and sound production, to Minecraft Education.

To overcome the challenges associated with not being able to meet face-to-face, in Term 4, participants joined a Zoom meeting each Wednesday after school, to play Minecraft Education Edition together. Our mentors each took turns at running their own themed workshops to teach about a STEM subject or in-game mechanic. Some of the notable subjects included Chemistry – participants built elements in the Element Constructor by choosing the amount of protons, electrons, and neutrons; Redstone – participants built circuits with ‘redstone dust’ in the game that mimic electricity ⚡️. We encouraged all participants to make and share their creations with the theme being ‘music’. Other subjects we explored were Biology — participants built a tour with pictures of different animals and information about each animal and a mini-game creation using blocks that allowed them to execute commands within the game.

This year was fun and productive, regardless of all the uncertainty, and we look forward to what 2022 has to offer for The Lab!

The Lab Greensborough Mentor