25 October 2019
Term 4 Starts with Macleod College
Over the past three weeks, Year 7 and 8 students from Macleod College got their creative juices flowing to design a range of innovative assistive technology solutions for people with disability in our community. I was most impressed that they completed all the suggested pre-work, including some of the extension activities, setting a new standard. Their comprehensive understanding of the topic and project at hand shone through their insightful solutions.

All groups worked extremely well collaboratively, planning their tasks ahead, regularly reviewing and iterating their projects, self-regulating during free build time. Students utilised a range of technologies during prototyping, alongside the usual suspects – laser cutting, 3D printing, and micro:bit – incorporating also wearable tech, and the green screen and Adobe After Effects for video production to be used in app development. It was also great to see teachers as active participants in student learning; one teacher in particular was a standout, who helped facilitate the Pitch Presentations and coordinate student feedback. A fantastic start to Term 4!