1 May 2020
Thinking differently
It is the intention of the tech schools to demonstrate ways people can think differently, adapt to a world full of emerging and disruptive technology and to encourage curiosity and lifelong learning. The experience people around the world are going through right now though, instills a desire to draw peoples thoughts to an old fashioned but timeless process which can have enormous positive knock on effects to communities. This is the process of acting with kindness.
It is no secret that with people being asked to work from home, isolate themselves if they think they may be ill, maintain larger personal bubble space than normal, not to mention daily increases in restrictions, that the world is facing a very stressful time. Fear can cause people to do things they would otherwise reconsider but it is at times like this we should be minding our actions more carefully. Your priorities are probably not the same today as they were two weeks ago, that is pretty universal right now. There are many people that do work we rarely lend a thought to whose workload is significantly increasing, and in many cases becoming more dangerous as more people become dependent on them. Simultaneously there are many people whose work has suddenly disappeared. You will encounter these people as you go about your (slightly altered) business. When you do have these encounters, please consider adding some kindness to the transaction, its free and easy to do. Here are some ideas:
  • Smile at some point
  • Ask how their day has been
  • Say “Thank you”
  • Wish them a good afternoon (or day)
Click the link for a story of an act of kindness in this crisis. I hope everyone can find some way to be kind to others in this time of chaos.
– Anthony Gasson (Learning Technologist)