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The objective of this program is to engage students in the design and construction of a themed escape room experience.

Students will collaborate virtually, in teams of 2-4, to create themed puzzles. Each team will build a different puzzle, complete with clues and decorations related to a specific historical time period. Students will have a choice of five themes/historical periods – Stone Age, Bronze Age, Ancient Rome, Early Modern, and Late Modern.

The puzzle will need to meet specific requirements and align with the escape room narrative  – each of the puzzles will house a puzzle clue that will hold the answer to override MOTHER, an AI threatening to take over the world. At the end, all puzzles will connect into a larger whole – students will collaborate to exhibit their puzzles as part of a virtual, immersive escape room experience.

Participating schools will be invited to showcase their puzzles at an Escape Room showcase event in Term 4 at the Tech School.

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